Values and ethos

Hartshill School is:

 The school of choice within the local area.

 A beacon within the Trust.

 Respected and valued within the community.

Where students and staff are:

Nurtured valued known and supported to become lifelong independent successful learners.

Inquisitive to learn, ambitious to achieve and confident to pursue their goals.

Safe and confident within our environment to seek help and advice when needed, where fairness, tolerance and respect is the fabric of our ethos.

A proud member of the Midland Academies Trust.

School Virtues:

Be Kind, Work Hard and Achieve

School Vision:

We believe all pupils, have a right to access the best that has been thought and said. This includes a variety of writers, from all parts of the world, and thinkers from all the ages.  Our academically rigorous knowledge rich curriculum ensures that pupils are knowledgeable enough about the world around them to transform it in the future.

At Hartshill School pupils are taught that knowledge is powerful and ‘sticky’, meaning that once pupils have sufficient knowledge and an understanding of how to learn, they will be able to build independently on that knowledge, making themselves the masters of their fate, being ready to lead and participate as global citizens.  We place meaningful continuous assessment at the heart of teaching.  Pupils have regular low stakes quizzes in all subjects and develop learning routines to regularly self-quiz and build up a bank of knowledge in their long-term memory.  This supports self-confidence and allows pupils to understand and make connections easily with new learning inside and outside the classroom.

We are also passionate about inspiring our students to be confident, ambitious and successful individuals.  We teach and promote the virtues of kindness, gratitude, self-discipline, personal responsibility and how to grow from struggle.  We have the highest expectations of our pupils and unashamedly uphold a warm: strict culture.  Within our community, students and staff are known, valued, developed and supported to be successful and happy. This ensures our pupil are polite, kind to each other and work hard.  We support and emulate the strong values which are nurtured at home and are explicitly taught when joining Hartshill School.  We promote these values and virtues throughout the school experience and have developed our school motto to remind us to ‘Be kind, work hard and achieve’