We highly regard and encourage parental and family involvement and expect parents to have high expectations of the school. We want parents and carers to play an active part in their child’s education at Hartshill School and to support our staff as they carry out their responsibilities. Hartshill School staff welcome dialogue and discussion. We are keen to create an environment where we are all working for the betterment of all our children. The goal is always that excellent behaviour and excellent learning should be second nature, not something that we work at constantly; it should simply be the way that we are. This is a state of mind that we want all our pupils to attain and sustain, not just at school, but for the rest of their lives. It is who we are, we are a family.

To support pupil success we expect parents to ensure that their child,

  • Attends every day, on time, with all the correct equipment & books and in full correctly worn school uniform
  • Completes any expected remote learning including homework
  • Attends at least one extracurricular club at a lunchtime and/or after school
  • Meets all the school rule expectations to ensure we have a successful, polite and civilised community

In addition, we expect parents to,

  • Support the school in ensuring every standard is high
  • Work with the staff at Hartshill School, including supporting the decisions made by the school for the benefit of their child and the school community
  • Communicate with staff at school in a polite civilised manner
  • Feedback to the school to help us to continually evolve and improve