School Uniform and Equipment


We wear our uniform with pride

At the Hartshill Academy, we pride ourselves on having the highest expectations of our pupils. Our school uniform is an essential part of our school ethos and we work hard to ensure all of our pupils follow our strict policies on uniform and appearance. In the competitive world that we all live in, both adults and pupils are judged on their appearance and it is essential that we teach pupils the importance of good personal presentation.

Our school uniform is designed to be hard wearing, smart and affordable. All pupils should come to school every day in neat and clean uniform, showing the pride that they have in belonging to Hartshill Academy.

All members of staff will support the uniform policy, both in class and around the school. The uniform policy supports the ethos of the school by determining the boundaries of acceptable dress. The wearing of the school uniform will support equal opportunities at Hartshill Academy.


School Uniform

School Blazer

White shirt wit long or short sleeves.

Must be tucked in and the top button must be done up

School tie
Plain black V-necked jumper

Plain black tailored trousers.

Trouser should be smart and business like

Plain black socks or tights

Shoes - plain black, flat heeled, leather or leather look.

Plain black boots can be worn under trousers


PE Uniform

School sports polo top - red

Shorts - plain black


Track pants - plain black


Sports leggings - plain black

School hooded sports top - black with school logo - Will be available soon. Information to follow.
Sports socks
Football boots


Coats, Bags and Accessories

Coat - Plain, full length coat or anorak

School bag - must be big enough for the A4 knowledge pack.

No handbags.

Jewellery - A watch, school badges and one small pair of stud earrings
Hairstyles - must be simple and only natural colours, no extreme hairstyles, no patterns or shapes cut into it
Hats - a plain woolly hat in the winter
Make up - Pupils can wear discrete natural makeup


Uniform Dont's

Trousers - No skinny fit trousers, jeans or leggings. No skin tight material. No ankles should be on show.

No fashion hoodies to be worn in school or PE
No cotton trousers to be worn in PE, sports leggings only
No trainers, pumps, high heels or canvas shoes
No skirts more than 1 inch above the knee
No rings or bracelets

No nail varnish or acrylic nails.

No excessive and impractical length nails.

No false eyelashes
No extreme hairstyles or unnatural colours
No body piercings or tattoos
Earphones should not be worn on the school site
It is illegal for children under the age of 18 to have a tattoo even with parental consent. Tattoos will be reported to the school safeguarding team.


Uniform Suppliers:

Match Fit Kit Ltd

Weddington Road,

Nuneaton, Warwickshire. CV10 0AD

E: sales@matchfitkit.com

T: 024 7635 0630



Nuneaton School Wear Centre

1-3 Abbeygate Street

Nuneaton, Warwickshire. CV11 4EJ

T: 02476 341682

E: nuneatonschoolwearcentre@gmail.com



Liss Sport - PE Kit Only






If you would like request support with purchasing school uniform or PE kit please contact your child’s Pastoral Leader on the appropriate email address below.

Year 7 – Ross.Innes@MidlandAT.co.uk

Year 8 – Joshua.Whetton@MidlandAT.co.uk

Year 9 –  Millie.Merrigan@MidlandAT.co.uk 

Year 10 –  Susan.Gittings@MidlandAT.co.uk 

Year 11 –  Joshua.Whetton@MidlandAT.co.uk