Year 6 Transition

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Welcome to Transition 


We look forward to welcoming your children to Hartshill School on 6th September 2021, please make sure your child/children arrive at school by 8:35am and say your goodbyes at the school gates, members of staff will be on hand to welcome your child/children and tell them exactly where they need to go, all pupils will be given their new ties and details of their tutor groups in an assembly on their first day. 

We are so pleased you have chosen to join us in September 2021 and wanted to provide you with information about the school to help you to look forward and get ready for joining Year 7. 

Starting a new school can bring with it a few anxieties and we hope by giving you information and a point of contact you will feel ready to make this move. 

On this section of our website we will provide you with information to enable this to be a smooth transition from Year 6 to Year 7. 

To help this process we will be displaying a series of postcards on our website over the summer. We are inviting the children to complete the tasks on each postcard and bring their work to `Hartshill School in September and then enter them into a number of competitions. We hope they will enjoy ‘having a go’ and find the tasks fun to do. 

All our new Year 7 children will be in a form tutor group with other Year 7 children. We are busy contacting all the Primary school3s and in particular the Year 6 teachers who are providing us with information to help ensure every child has a supported start at Hartshill School. They will even let us know what friendship groups work well together so children don’t need to worry about not knowing anyone on their first day. 

In early June we will email you a MAT Transition Form. On this form you will find a number of questions to answer and information that we would like you to read. The form is completed electronically and replies will automatically be sent back to us at Hartshill once you click submit. You will find details of term dates, uniform requirements, free school meals and lots of other key information. 

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to contact us, so we have set up a dedicated email address for any queries you or your child may have regarding transition. This is:  

Please keep checking this section of the website as we will add information regularly and hope to keep you updated throughout the rest of the term. 



Year 7 Pastoral Support Team:

Mr R Innes (Head of Year 7)                Mr Altaf Hussain (Vice Principal)        


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The Midland Academies Trust has a proactive approach to supporting all students through key transition stages:

The term ‘transition’ refers to the changes children and young people go through as they progress between different educational settings and move to employment or training. 

Transition brings changes and often these can cause some anxiety for both parents and their children.

Our approach focusses on three main transition points: 

 • Key Stage 2 - 3  Primary to secondary school 

 • Key Stage 3 - 4  Career Planning and subject choices at GCSE 

 • Key Stage 4 - 5  The move from school to FE college, 6th Form, apprenticeship/employment or work. 

Moving from one school setting to another can be stressful and at the same time exciting. Our approach is designed to pre-empt possible issues and work to enable all our young people to make the necessary adjustments so that transition is a smooth process. 

Key Stage 2 - 3  Primary to Secondary School 

We work closely with our Primary Partner Schools to offer a variety of experiences to Key Stage 2 children. For some children in Year 4 and 5 the opportunity to visit their local secondary school can begin the bridging process. ‘Hands on’ activities and lessons involving children from Primary Schools working collaboratively with older students develops relationships and new skills. Our established programme called ‘Peek at a Morning’ runs throughout the year and is often focused around Design Technology, Food Technology, Art and Design, Science and Physical Education. We also involve external providers to support the activities and learning which makes the experiences memorable. 

Our programme is varied and provides ‘hands on activities’ easing children into a new environment through activities that stimulate and develop their learning. 

For children joining the Hartshill School we are offering ‘Advance to Go’, an opportunity to come to school and experience new lessons and a new environment in the July of Year 6. This transition has been very successful at supporting children as they move from primary to secondary school and reducing the anxieties they have about joining a new school. New routines, new teachers, new classrooms and a new timetable are all explored in a friendly and supportive week as well as the advantage of making new friends before the start of the Autumn term. 

Key Stage 3 - 4 Career Planning and Subject Choices at GCSE

Our students in Year 9 begin to select their GCSE subjects and are supported through individual and group sessions by experienced members of staff and qualified Careers Advisors. We believe in providing high quality information and encourage discussion around choices that are supported by local labour market information to enable students to feel confident in their choices. 

Our planned programme of Careers Education is designed to enable students to explore the world of work and also future work as they consider a wide range of opportunities and employment. We encourage and invite into school for assemblies and events a wide range of local employers, FE colleges and apprenticeship providers to support decision making and give the students meaningful opportunities to ask questions and find out information. 

Key Stage 4 - 5 The move from school to FE College, 6th Form, apprenticeship/employment or work

Leaving school for some students presents a wide range of new opportunities and for others may present some challenges. We aim to make all our students aware of all local opportunities as well as those available nationally. All our students receive one to one guidance interviews during Year 10 and 11 to help plan for a successful future and access career opportunities. We provide direct access to a range of Post 16 providers through events like ‘Your Future MATters’ designed to engage all our students with employers and providers supporting a positive destination. 

All Midland Academies Trust Schools are committed to ensuring at all stages of their schooling the students in their care are supported and able to access all the opportunities available to them so they can fulfil their potential and have successful futures. 


Feedback from other parents: 

“Really happy with what we have seen.” 

“It offers a wide variety of opportunities” 

“Positive, very helpful staff and students” 

“Welcoming, positive pupils have a pride in their school.” 

“Very informative transition evening.  The children were a great advert for the school!” 

“Hope to see the transition week continued. Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed it. 

“An excellent week and evening. The only problem is our son does not now want to go back to his primary school and wants to start here now”.