Distance Learning

Remote Learning at Hartshill School

All lessons will be set via the Microsoft Teams platform whilst they are learning from home. To access Microsoft Teams students must log in to Microsoft Office 365. A guide on how to do this has been attached along with information on how to utilise remote learning. 

The format for the username is as follows:

The year the student joined - e.g. Y7 will be '20', Y8 will be '19' etc. The first two letters of the students first name and then the whole surname is used to structure the email address.

John Smith would be: hh20jo.smith@stumidlandat.co.uk

Sarah Jones would be: hh20sa.jones@stumidlandat.co.uk

The password was reset for all students to be: Hartshill123

Most students will have changed their password. If this is the case and they have forgotten it then please use the following email address to access the MAT technical support service: RemoteLearningMAT@e-services.freshservice.com

Distance Learning Reminders:

  • All lessons will now be live streamed by the subject teacher. 
  • All pupils are expected to attend every lesson in line with their normal timetable. 
  • Pupils will be expected to join lessons by accepting the TEAMS invite posted in their channel/group. 
  • Attendance will be recorded on SIMS by the classroom teacher in the same way it would be if pupils were in the classroom. 
  • Failure to attend will be recorded as non-attendance. 
  • Pupils are expected to have their cameras and microphones turned off during the lessons. 
  • Pupils can unmute themselves when asked a question, enabling them respond.
  • Pupils should use the hands up or chat function to ask any questions.
  • Staff will direct pupils on how to submit evidence of their learning, this will typically be through assignment uploads or OneNote.
  • How to find lessons that don't show up on your calendar or show up as 'cancelled' - Click Here! 

Using Teams to access remote learning: 


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