May 2022 - June 2022

The timetable of the real Summer GCSE examinations has been released. All pupils must remain available until Wednesday 29th June 2022, in the event of an exam awarding body needing to invoke its contingency plan. This date has been designated as the contingency day nationally, should the need arise to reschedule any exams during the summer season.

The exam schedule is available below, along with the Examinations Booklet 2021-22. Students should familiarise themselves with these documents ahead of the exams taking place, so that they understand our expectations.

Summer Examinations Timetable 2022
Examinations Booklet 2021-22




June 2022 - July 2022

Please see below for the mock examination timetable that has been built around the Geography Field Trips.

Year 10 Mock Examinations Timetable 2022

Examinations Booklet 2021-22




For all students who left in the Summer of 2020 and 2021, you can now book an appointment to collect your exam certificates. Please contact the school reception to book an appointment.

In the event that you cannot collect the certificates yourself, they can be collected by another person. We can only give certificates to another person if they have a letter from you stating this is what you wish to happen and that states the name of who they are to be handed to. The named person will need to come with photographic identification that matches the name you have put in the letter. Please be aware that unfortunately, we cannot hand certificates to anyone else without a letter as they do need to be signed for upon collection.

DfE guidance for parents on the new GCSEs